Welcome to one mans quest to make his own Digg toolbar and share it with others. 😉

So the other day I was wondering if Digg had a toolbar. So I set out to see if Digg had one. To my surprise they did not. 🙁

However I had purchased some toolbar making software about a year ago and figured. Hey why not make my own. And let me tell ya. Digging from the toolbar rocks! I’ve been using my toolbar for a bit now and find that it comes in handy.  I’m addicted to Digg and using the bar really helps with my addiction.
Being able to search Digg from the bar and being able to Digg pages from the bar comes in handy.

So after some thought I decided to release it to the world at large. I hope that everyone enjoys the Digg Bar and if you have any questions or comments. Please let me know. If you want to see a feature added, and this toolbar software has a ton of features, just let me know.

There is an iE version and a Firefox version, not too sure about the Firefox version. It needs some testing.
Also the Digg bar does not have a web installer. I need to get a certificate for that. If enough people install the Digg bar I’ll look into gettting one.

Well that’s about it.
Enjoy 🙂

Diggbar v1.o

Diggbar Firefox v1.0*
*Note Diggbar for Firefox is missing some features. Sorry bout that, but I dont’ think that Firefox supports certain things.