Win 7 Dual Monitor Problem. Won’t turn on after sleep or RDP

March 13, 2013

So I ran into an issue today on Windows 7. After using Remote Desktop from another computer. And here’s what you can do to solve the issue.

Looks like Windows 7 has some issues with dual monitor setups. Especially when Sleep and Remote Desktop is involved.

When you log back in your second screen will not turn on. I’ve seen this issue rear it’s head when a computer is awoken from the sleep state. You just turn off sleep and no more issues. However I had a Remote Desktop problem with the monitor.

So after doing some research I saw that using the Windows Key + P brought up a dialog.






In order to fix the issue. While holding the Windows Key press P to select another setting.
Let go of the Windows Key and let that setting apply. Select Duplicate. Your second monitor should turn on.
Afterwards hold the Windows Key again + P and select Extend.

And voila you’re back in business.

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