Rotted Capes: The Super Hero Zombie RPG

July 25, 2012

Rotted Capes is a new RPG trying to get funding from the guys that brought you living Arcanis. Paradigm concepts.

The Golden Age of Super Heroes didn’t end with a Bang, but with a BITE!
Hello, my name is Henry Lopez and I’d like to give you a new world to play in.
Our latest offering is Rotted Capes, a game where the Golden Age of Super Heroes meets the Zombie Apocalypse with a horrific twist: Super Powered Zombies.
Rotted Capes puts you in the spandex and cape of the so-called B-List super hero trying to save what’s left of humanity and the remaining pockets of civilization after all the primary super heroes and villains fell to the emerging zombie horde. These A-Lister are now either all dead, missing or Z’d.
Z’d means that your former allies, partners and mentors have been horribly mutated and turned into super powered versions of the Risen Dead. This has propelled them to the top of the new food chain and they’re looking down at you! These Super Zombies would be dangerous enough with just being able to wield their amazing powers, but the change has allowed them to keep a semblance of their intellect, albeit scrubbed of the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. These Super Zombies are cunning and intelligent; with an overwhelming hunger that impels them to commit foul acts that would leave their former selves aghast.

If you like a good game this one is for you! Paradigm always puts out great games and this one should be no exception.

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