New Website: The Sushi Finder

June 8, 2012

So I was inspired to create a new website. I wanted to make something simple. Yet powerful leveraging the location features of many smart phones. So The Sushi Finder was born.

I was working recently on a project that used Google Maps. And then I came across one of the services called Places.

Places is a interesting service that returns businesses close to a geographical location. So I said to myself wouldn’t it be cool to have a website that found Sushi Restaurants close by.

The Sushi Finder Screen Shot

I registered the domain name The Sushi Finder. Kind of jumped the gun a little with registering the site first I know.

Then I looked into the iPhones location service and figured out that it was possible to return it’s location to a website.

So a little tinkering with Javascript and I was able to get back the Latitude and Longitude of the iPhone.

I fed that into Google Maps to create the map and also passed the info along to the places api.

And voila! We have a website that loads up nicely on the iPhone. And drops down the Sushi Icons.

And when you click on an IconĀ  a infowindow comes up.

The sushi finder info window

The infowindow further uses the places place details.

The details returns more information about the business if Google has it of course.

In the thumbnail you can see that the address, website and phone number are returned. Which are both clickable.

Makes it easy to call and make a reservation with just a click.

Also if you rotate the phone the map disappears and an about page is displayed with a like button. If you rotate it back the other way facebook comments are there.

Well I hope that people find The Sushi Finder useful and please use it alot and like it and leave comments..

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

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