Mophie Juice Pack air For Iphone 4g Review

October 13, 2010

I’ve been wanting a Mophie Juice pack air for my iphone 4G ever since my cousing got one for his old iphone. He’s had good results with his. And I’m going to review mine now that i’ve had it for a week.

I tried calling all the Apple stores in my area however none of them had the Mophie Juice Pack air for the iPhone 4G in stock.

So I had to order the Mophie Juice Pack air online.

The process for ordering the Mophie Juice Pack air is pretty painless. After ordering you get a confirmation email. Plus another email when they actually do ship the Mophie Juice Pack air. Included in the email is a UPS tracking number so you can see when you’re getting your Mophie Juice Pack air. BTW look online for coupons to use on the Mophie website. I got $5 dollars off the order with a coupon. So I opted for the 3 Day shipping since I was saving a few bucks.

When I finally did get the Mophie Juice Pack air it came in their own shipping box. With the Mophie logo on the box and on the packing tape. Very nice.

The Mophie Juice Pack air packaging is extremely nice also. Really slick looking with a see through window once you lift up the front flap of the box. The Mophie Juice Pack air comes securely packaged and with instructions.

Now the actual useage of the Mophie Juice Pack air is fairly easy. Just slide in the iPhone 4G and put on the top cap. One of the best things of this case is that it really doesn’t make the phone that much bigger. And since it sort of keeps the same styling of the phone it doesn’t radically alter the look. In fact my wife commented that it made the phone look manlier. lol

According to the instructions you have two ways of using the case. You can use the internal battery of the phone first. And then if you need to charge your phone. You slide a switch on the side of the Mophie Juice Pack air to charge your phone back up. Or you can use the juicepack battery first. Then your phone will be constantly charged till the Mophie Juice Pack air battery runs down.

According to the Mophie Juice Pack air manual the lithium polymer battery has a total of 500 full charges to it before it starts to lose efficiency. And also partial charges don’t count towards this life. So you can top it off without a problem.

The other cool feature of the Mophie Juice Pack air is the button on the bottom of the case. You push that and the led’s light up to indicate how much of a charge you have left on the pack. It’s pretty neat looking.

BTW I love the ports on the bottom of the case. They redirect the sound to the front of the phone. I no longer have to hold the phone closer to my ear to hear what’s going on.

A few obersvations about the Mophie Juice Pack air. One is that it seems that the Mophie Juice Pack air leaches a tiny bit of battery life out of the iPhone 4G if it’s connected to the case. It seems that the battery is drained a little faster. I dont’ know if that’s me. But it seems that way. However it’s rather insignificant since you can just charge the phone from the case anyways.

Another observation, I was using the phone to take about 30 pictures and I saw an error about the phone being too hot and needing to cool down first before you can use it again. More than likely since the case doesn’t allow any of the waste heat to radiate away from it the phone got a bit too hot. I hope that this issue is addressed in a later revision. There needs to be some venting on the case to allow heat to radiate out of the case.

My final verdict. I love the Mophie Juice Pack air. It looks and feels great.

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