IIS, Asp.net, C# sending SMTP Mail so it won’t get flagged as spam by filters

August 30, 2010

I had a hell of a time getting my smtp mailer to send to aol and a few other places on our IIS server. It seems that with one little setting change I was able to get things working correctly. After taking the time to actually spend a few hours scouring the net and reading up on the delivery method I figured out how to send smtp mail correctly.

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Iphone 4 no sim card: observations

August 1, 2010

Well I ran into the no Sim card issue with my new phone. I tried the Airplane mode trick. And that worked for a bit however I got No Sim Card error again.
Next I took out the aim and I noticed that there was some discoloration on the Sim.

A closer look of the sim card shows that whoever inserted the Sim dis not use gloves. I noticed finger prints that were starting to oxidize on the sim itself.

So I grabbed a pencil and used the eraser to gently clean the contacts on the sim card.

So far it’s been working fine. Not sure if this is going to be the fix for everyone. But it’s working in my case.

Remember. Do not use anything more abrasive than a pencil eraser. You can damage the sim card if you do.