Mounting a shared folder with spaces in ubuntu

June 12, 2009

Ok after much dancing around with google searches. I figured this one out on my own. Mounting a shared folder with spaces can be a bitch. But after this it should be easy.

ok so lets say you have a folder that’s shared on the network called “My Shared Drive” for example. Now on your ubuntu box you want to mount that to a folder on your local machine. Normally you would do this.

sudo mount -t cifs //<ip address>/folder name /home/user/ -o username=name,password=pass

However since there is a space in the folder name it was giving me an error. And using \040 wasn’t working to simulate the space.

sudo mount -t cifs “//<ip address>/folder name” /home/user/ -o username=name,password=pass

I had to encapsulate the line in between “quotes” to get it to work. After I did that it worked perfectly and mounted the dir.

Florida Super Con

June 7, 2009

I went to the Florida Supercon This weekend to get an autograph from Bruce Campbell. And I wasn’t dissapointed. Nice Guy 🙂
Da man!

Da man!

Also in attendance was Ted Raimi. He kept on busting Bruce’s chops while at the table. lol.

Here’s something cool I saw at the con. This guy made some PedoBear dolls. Here’s PedoBear in action.