Adding a network share on a windows network to a mac

January 26, 2009

One of the guys here at work has a really cool looking Mac and needed to access some shared folders on the network. So after much head scratching we finally figured it out.

Follow these steps:

  1. On the dock click the Finder icon
  2. Click the Go menu and then Connect to Server
  3. Making sure you have a network login type and the name of the server you want to log in to
    Alternately you can also just type the ServerName by itself and when you click connect/OK you will see a list of shares to connect to. Just pick the one you need.

Hopefully this helps you mac fanboys out there. 😉

Intel 865g integrated video and 1440×900 will not work

January 26, 2009

Ok so for those of you with widescreen monitors that are native 1440×900 and are trying to hook them up to this outdated video card… fuggetaboutit!

First of all the Intel 865g video card is no longer supported by intel. Secondly their most up to date driver does not and will not ever support a 16:10 widescreen monitor. Powerstrip and other monitor software do not work with this video card. I’ve tried them all and adding a custom resolution is impossible.

I’ve even tried using the intel embedded driver but that was a bust.

So in short If you have a intel 865g video card and are contemplating a 1440×900 native resolution monitor don’t. Get a standard non widescreen monitor. That will work.

UPDATE 9-14-09

I’ve done a little more searching and I’ve found a fix. Intel has a embedded graphics driver kit that you can download and roll out your own driver!

I was able to make my own driver and get an acer monitor to finally display 1440×900.

Search google for more information on tutorials for the embedded graphics driver. you’ll need a monitor info program to get detailed monitor info.

good luck.