Vundo sucks hairy armpit! Pimp slap it with Malware Bites Anti Malware

December 13, 2008

I don’t know what new vulnerability the Vundo writers have found. But I’ve now come across two machines with this lame Vundo malware on them.

Normally I would of used ultimate boot cd for windows however the files are well hidden and I couldn’t use that to get rid of this bitch.

In comes Malware Bites Anti Malware. MBAM¬†is a really easy to use program that¬†bitch slaps the hell out of Vundo. It’s, Ike Turners, pimp hand teaches it a new lesson in pain and will condense the nonsense.

I’d say if you think you have Vundo run this sucker first to get rid of it.

Say No To Hate: Don’t be a Hitler

December 3, 2008

In the current climate I thought it was important to show some history. Because first it starts with one minority and can end up affecting all of them.

Begining in 1933 homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazi Party. Many were arrested, murdered or sent to concentration camps to die.