Ultimate Boot CD For Windows scores another knockout!

November 19, 2008

Yesterday Casey from CIG told me that his laptop was poping up windows like mad with spam websites. So I took a look at this laptop only to find out that it was infected.

I found this file on his pc jpwnw64j.exe and after looking it up on google saw the file was part of Zenosearch malware. After doing some more rooting around on his pc. I found that there was a program in the services called command.exe that I was denied access to. And would not remove itself.

In comes UBCD4WIN, time to condense the nonsense! I booted up the laptop with ubcd4win and was able to clean up the registry and remove the lame files that zenosearch installed. Again rebooted the laptop and guess what. No more popups, no more zenosearch nonsense!

Thank you UBCD4WIN!

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