Lucasfilm pulls PhoneSaber from the iTunes store

August 8, 2008

This really blows because the iPhone Phone Saber app was very cool but also not very threatening.
Hopefully the app will not be taken away from us in an upcomming patch.
Lucas pimps Star Wars harder than wayne brady. But he could let a few things slide for the fans. It’s too bad that he has to come in and take the Phone Saber app away. Damn the lawyers!

Knowing that George Lucas is perhaps the only person more controlling of his product licensing than Appleā€™s Steve Jobs, I suppose this news should not exactly come as a shock to anyone, but according to TheMacBox (creators of the wildly popular (and free) PhoneSaber lightsaber emulator), THQ Wireless (who owns the rights for Star Wars apps on mobile devices) has asked that PhoneSaber be removed from the iTunes store.

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