iPhone Game: Jirbo Jam

August 20, 2008

I wanted to write about my favorite game for the iPhone called Jirbo Jam. Jirbo Jam is a neat little game for the iPhone. It’s one of those games where you have to have 3 or more of the Jirbo character faces together in order to remove them. If you have more than 3 characters together you get a bonus. It takes a little getting used to. But once you get the hang of it the game is really addictive.


Jirbo Jam Game for iPhone

Jirbo Jam Game for iPhone

As you can see you various choices. Let’s hit the new game one.


Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone play screen

Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone play screen


This is the play screen. As you can see you have a bunch of jirbo characters to clear off. My favorite character is the panda.


Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone play screen

Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone play screen

Here is how the play screen looks after you’ve cleared off some jirbo characters.

Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone High Score Screen

Jirbo Jame Game for iPhone High Score Screen


My highest score was a bit over level 100 and i got 4140347.

Jirbo Jam is fun and addictive and a nice time killer when you’re stuck in a doctors office. Download the game onto your iPhone and give it a try.

Olympic Oil Check

August 18, 2008

I don’t know what kind of Greco Roman Maneouver this is. But it don’t look right to me. Is that 2 fingered hold a legal move? I don’t know about all that. My only question is after that hold do you have to buy your oponent diner?

Olympic Oil Check

Olympic Oil Check

Insane Food at the Olympics

August 8, 2008

Wow I just about hurled when I saw these images! I don’t know what passes for food for some people. But apparently for the chinese if it has a semblence of a heart beat it’s fair game. I know that the chinese eat some very exotic food. However I didn’t know it was gonna be this exotic. Some of the food is down right stomach churning.  

 Looks like the line starts somewhere around here.

Star fish? do i have to?

HUH? sea urchin? how are you supposed to eat that without sticking yourself? baby shark? ugh.

Snake!!!! It’s a snake.

Dog liver? Well, dog is a fine meal.

That just looks damn disgusting.

Normal food?

I hesitate to ask. What part of the cow and horse did you use?

Ugh bugs…. get away. just because you fry a bug doesn’t make it edible.

ugh no.

Lizard legs? Does it taste like chicken?

uhmm… say no to dog brain soup.

Is this the somewhat normal food section?

ugh no!

no way.

why? i just wanna know.

again. disgusting.

Well I hope everyone lost their lunch. I’m glad I’m not there. I’d die of starvation.

Lucasfilm pulls PhoneSaber from the iTunes store

August 8, 2008

This really blows because the iPhone Phone Saber app was very cool but also not very threatening.
Hopefully the app will not be taken away from us in an upcomming patch.
Lucas pimps Star Wars harder than wayne brady. But he could let a few things slide for the fans. It’s too bad that he has to come in and take the Phone Saber app away. Damn the lawyers!


Knowing that George Lucas is perhaps the only person more controlling of his product licensing than Apple’s Steve Jobs, I suppose this news should not exactly come as a shock to anyone, but according to TheMacBox (creators of the wildly popular (and free) PhoneSaber lightsaber emulator), THQ Wireless (who owns the rights for Star Wars apps on mobile devices) has asked that PhoneSaber be removed from the iTunes store.

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