WordPress iPhone app

July 25, 2008

Finally! A wordpress app for the iPhone. I’m blogging on it now as we speak. The interface is simple to use. My only gripe is that I don’t see a way to tag the images. But they might add that in the next version.


Blogging from the iphone was never easier. Here is a pic of Chanel the test pic dog.

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Dice Bag

July 16, 2008

Dice BagThis is the kind app that the uber geek l33t gamer likes to have on his super geek iphone.

The app is easy to use. You just tap on the die. And it rolls the random numbers for you.

You have a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, percentile dice, 3d6 and 4d6.

I don’t know who made this app. However I’m sure it’s gonna go over well at Gencon. And probably will go over real good next time I play some Living Arcanis or 4e in general. Good job!

iPhone line

July 15, 2008

the iPhone line at the apple store

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apple store line wait

July 15, 2008

waiting to get a new iPhone at the apple stor

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kf panda

July 15, 2008

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Geekiest iPhone app ever: Phone Saber.

July 14, 2008

iphone phone saber Well I gotta say that the geek inside of me loves this app. When you start it up you are greeted with a light saber handle. Then you have a choice of selecting the different colors of lightsabers from the left side. Which btw sets your lightsaber color when you tap the saber on and off.

 The app also uses the the iPhones acceleromter. So when you swing around your Iphone it makes the swooshing noises of the light saber. also if you swing your iphone sharply enough, which isn’t too much, you hear the striking noises of 2 lightsabers making contact. It’s a very cool app for the star wars geek in you. 🙂iPhone phone saber

When there is a will there is a way!

July 14, 2008

My Fiance sent me over this email she got today. It’s about a 2 legged dog that walks on his hind legs. It’s pretty amazing what the dog can do.

I’ve seen dogs before that have lost one leg. even seen a dog recently that lost 1 hind and 1 front leg. But never both front legs before. That he can walk upright like that is pretty amazing.

2 legged dog imitates the beatles. 
2 legged dog
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Do not install iPhone 2.0 firmware

July 11, 2008

My cousin installed the 2.0 firmware for his iPhone and it bricked his phone. And I’m looking online and alot of other poeple are having the same issue. Suggestion to everyone is to not install the new software. But if you already have download the old firmware and install that one till the new one is bug free.

I’ve been trying to find a link to the old 1.1.4 ipsw file but I can’t readily find a link to it online. But if you do find the firmware, download it to your computer and shift click the restore button in the iPhone section of iTunes to start the restore process.

Good luck

Booya! iPhone 3G July 11th

July 10, 2008

Looks like Apple is going to rake in the dough hand over fist when the new iPhone launches tomorrow. At 8 am the stores open to start selling the new iPhone. I’m sure that the apple fanboys are standing in line already to get one. Read more

I officially hate Adsense

July 10, 2008

Google adsenseAdsense has ticked me off as of late. It’s touted as the best way for website owners to make money. But let’s face it Adsense can suck if you have a small site.

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