SCOHOL: Someone needs to go back to it.

January 30, 2008

Scohol Now I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a rocket scientist. However… Scohol?
WTF is that crap?!?

So I’m driving down the road with my Fiance in the car. And she looks at the road and says to me, “Did they spell school wrong?”
And I’m like, “No that’s not possible.”

Well needless to say… yeah they spelled that sucker wrong. How the hell do you spell school wrong? And of all places to spell it wrong in a school zone! Come on!
How did the guy laying that paint down on the street get that wrong? Did he not pay attention? And how the hell do you hire someone that incompetent?

Well needless to say now the joke is back on him.
If anyone reading this is in Miami Florida. This masterwork is on Biscayne blvd in the area of about 100th street heading northbound. Come out see SCOHOL for yourself and take some pics and post them. I wish there was a cat in the area I’d make a LOL cat pic.

I’m still in shock that someone could not spell school right. Duh.

iPhone headphone jack adaptor

January 21, 2008

Grifin iPhone headphone adaptor.Well I love the iPhone but I hate the engineer that thought it would be cool to recess the headphone jack into the phone.
Let me tell you this has to be the biggest pet peeve of mine. You can’t use a regular headphones with the iPhone.

I absolutely hate those stupid ear buds with a passion. If I wear them for too long my ears hurt. I need some over the head earphones to be comfortable.

Well anyways I was at Dolphin Mall Sunday and decided to stop into Radio Shack to see if there was an adaptor out for the iPhone. Griffin iPhone headphone adaptor

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Iphone Ringtone Tutorial Update.

January 17, 2008

Someone pointed out that iTunes will not save your .mp3 file into a .m4a file.

I have updated the tutorial to reflect this. Maybe I’ll even add some pics and stuff to make it pretty 🙂