Blasphemy: Race to the cross

December 29, 2007

Wow! I just heard about this game today and man. My eyes went wide at the description. Check this out from the website.

Blasphemy™ is a board game of fun, action, and adventure in the Holy Land for 2 to 4 players who can read. Playing time is 90 to 120 minutes.

In Blasphemy™ you take part in the fate of a would-be Messiah. Your aim is to convince your compatriots that your Jesus, and your Jesus alone, is the genuine article.

To accomplish this, your Jesus must cut as impressive a figure as possible. He must give stirring sermons, perform miracles, attract devoted followers, and generally carry on in a Messiah-like fashion. Your Jesus must make every effort to discredit his rivals, and in the end, he must get himself killed. Yes, alas, the price of fame was dear in those days. It was clearly written that the Messiah would come to a sticky end. Accordingly, you win the game if you’re the first player to get your Jesus nailed up.

Blasphemy™ is the race to the cross!

Apparently too there are game cards that you pick up in game as you wander around as the Messiah.
I was told one was a resist temptation card. Apparently Mary Magdelan is paying you a visit and you must resist her temptation. Roll to resist. lol..
Oh and the finale of the game was to see who got crucified first.
Rumor has it that the game designer got a few priests to play test the game. Apparently they enjoyed the game thoroughly. However they had an issue at the end of the game when you have to put your Messiah on the little wooden cross.
I felt the need for a shower after hearing a description of the game. Feeling dirty was an understatement.

The game is a bit pricey at 100 bucks, though I’ve heard the company put alot of money into each of the game boards. Around 40 bucks per game.
Anyways I think that either the religious nuts will go gaga for it or they will condem the hell out of it.
Should be interesting to watch the show.
If you wanna play like JC and the boys, I guess this games for you.

Custom Ringtones on your iPhone Tutorial

December 21, 2007

Well I actually broke down and bought an iPhone after playing with a friends.
And of course I’m trying to figure out how to do all the cool stuff. Yesterday I learned how to make custom ringtones for the iPhone. In this tutorial I will teach you how to also pwn, and make your own custom iPhone ringtone.

Things you will need.

  1. A audio file you’d like to use as a iphone ringtone, mp3’s work just fine. 
  2. Latest version of iTunes, alternately if you don’t use iTunes to sync your phone you can probably get away with using iPhone explorer or something similar to access the Ringtone folder
  3. An audio editing software, my laptop had one pre installed

First off there isn’t anything here that’s all that complicated to do you just need to follow the steps and everything will work fine. If you have questions on how to do certain things, leave a comment asking for help or just google around for a tutorial.

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Boy Arrested For Opening Xmas Gift Early

December 20, 2007

I guess someone got pwn3d.
But I see a problem. The problem here is that instead of calling the cops. She should of called up for an ass whoopin. A belt would of worked better.

DECEMBER 5–A South Carolina boy, 12, was arrested Sunday morning after his mother called police to report that he had unwrapped a Christmas present without her permission. According to a Rock Hill Police Department report (a copy of which you’ll find below), the child opened a Nintendo Game Boy, though he had been directed not to by family members. When the boy’s mother learned that the $85 gift had been opened, she called cops, who charged the juvenile with petty larceny. In an interview with The Herald newspaper, the boy’s mother, a 27-year-old single parent, described her son as a disruptive child, noting that she hoped his arrest would serve as a corrective to disorderly behavior at school and home.

Hello world!

December 13, 2007

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